No Experience Necessary

22 10 2014


Experience is a good teacher – inexperience is a better one.      –     Paula Lewis

For every young bright thing out there in the world, here sits one of us old dusty relics to cluck, coo, or complain about them and their unfortunate choices. We, the Learned, the Worldly, the Experienced, stand ready to answer all the pressing questions and resolve all the dilemmas of every young person we know. Hell, you don’t even have to ask for our sage advice; we’ll corner you and give it whether you want it or not!

There is a lot of good and useful information to be obtained from those of us who’ve “run a few more experiments” in our lives. We have marked some of the more treacherous terrain for travelers who follow, so there are fewer casualties along certain paths. Sometimes, though, in our zeal to help others not make the same mistakes we did, the messages end up looking less like signposts and more like graffiti.

We survivors of checkered pasts have wisdom to share. We can only truly share it, though, if we remember, not only the lessons, but the inexperience, misjudgment, errors, foolishness, or misfortune that put us into the experience from which we learned. We must remember that we were once young bright things who made some really stupid decisions.

Respect the teacher, first; then we can share the teachings.



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