HOORAY!!! We Lost!!!

8 10 2014

Well, you must think I have finally lost what was left of my mind.

Last night, the Washington Nationals, “my” baseball team, lost in the playoffs. If you are not a sports fan, this is the equivalent of watching your favorite ice cream parlor close at the end of summer.

No, wait. It’s more like having your favorite ice cream every day for months and months and then seeing the “CLOSED FOR THE SEASON” sign being hung on the door, just as you drive up for one more double scoop.


I was devastated by this tragedy (for a few hours) until it dawned on me . . .

For the last few weeks, until last night’s loss ended the chance, I’ve fretted about whether the Nationals would make it to the World Series. What kind of charmed life am I living for something that trivial to be my biggest problem?!

My family is healthy (Happy Birthday, Ken!).

My friends are true.

My house is secure.

My refrigerator is full.

So, I say Hooray! We lost! because it reminded me of just how good things really are. It reminded me to be grateful for my comfortable life. It reminded me that things don’t always work out just as we’d hoped, but, overall, there is always more to be happy about than to bemoan.

Oh, and Spring Training starts in just a few months!



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