Help! I’ve “Fallen” and I Can’t Get Up

1 10 2014

Alright, I give up. It’s fall.  Some people call it autumn, but it’s fall to me.

Fall, as in:

  • Fall-ing temperatures
  • Fall-ing leaves
  • Fall-ing from grace
  • Fall-ing out of favor
  • Fall-ing flat on my face


Fall also (when I overlook the overcast skies and remind myself that Daylight Saving Time always returns in the spring) means:

  • Fall family holidays on the calendar
  • Fall Into Fine Craft – my only craft fair exhibition this year
  • Fall Ball – the World Series, which might/better feature my team, the Washington Nationals
  • Fall menus –  happy husband because it’s pumpkin pie season
  • Fall television season – we LOVE TV


Yes, fall is like the rest of life – good and bad, happy and sad, here and then gone . . .

Hmmmm . . . okay.


Even though I will never be your fan, Fall, I will try harder to focus on your (few) positive attributes.

  • You’ll be refreshing, not cold.
  • The leaves will not be dropping; they’ll be dancing in the wind.
  • You’ll be my third most favorite season, not the one I dislike most, next to winter.
  • You’ll bring feelings of nostalgia; it won’t be melancholy.
  • I’ll step lively, not drag my feet, so, this autumn, I won’t be falling.


Happy October, everyone.




4 responses

1 10 2014

Yay! Spin those Autumn leaves, sister!

1 10 2014

Good positive thoughts!!! I like the ‘third most favorite”.
It is the most creative season of the year! Hot, cold, warm, cool, purple, orange, green, yellow, ballet dances of leaves, opera notes from the wind in the windows, long shadows playing games, nurturing as we put the plants to bed so they can create new sprouts in the spring…

1 10 2014

Paula–you refresh my soul!
Thank you.
These days it is important for me to realize the difference between “melancholy and “nostalgia”.. i appreciate all of your blogs, but this one truly is a “lift”.
Love from my heart–Maria XO XO XO XO

1 10 2014

Dear Maria. I am glad to hear today’s post was good for your sweet heart. We lift each other.

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