Labor Day Blues

27 08 2014

This is a strange time of year – the cusp of autumn.  Change is palpable; it is in the air. It is exhilarating for some and stress-producing for others.

Autumn is not an easy season for me. As the days begin to shorten, I find my mood darkening with the atmosphere.  As many as there are like me, there are others who anticipate winter’s chill and bluster as a time of magic and wonder. (I do not understand how this can be, but I have witnessed it in otherwise perfectly sane friends.)

Knowing that I do not like “football weather,” pumpkin chai latte, or the loss of Daylight Saving Time, but that I am powerless to stop their onslaught, it’s time to find a way to get out of this funk.

Change is part of life – it’s really a definition of life – so, in my sixtieth transition from summer to fall,

I am going to embrace the change of season.

I am going to revel in the transient beauty of painfully brilliant blue skies and a sun that seems to be glancing sideways at Earth, casting gold streaks across everything in its path.

I am going to delight in the scratchiness of a wooly sweater.

I am .  .  .

Oh, who am I kidding, I am going to sulk until April!




3 responses

27 08 2014

Oh, how can I associate with that last sentiment. I’m a springtime gal. I suffer through the cold and relish that faint wisp of green — that barely there yellowish greening of the trees that foretells springtime’s burst of glory….Between now and then, I hunker, growl, and gripe….but I DO get a lot of work done in my art of bead weaving….the creative juices run like sap throughout the coldest cold of winter! Wanna come hibernate with me in a frenzy of winter creativity?

27 08 2014
Lois McGaw

I enjoyed reading this Paula. As we’ve discussed many times, I too am a sunshine & flowers, shorts & flip flops kind of girl. I’ve been contemplating positive changes to help me through the coming seasons. I believe a new gym with new faces is my first step toward tolerating the coming seasons. If it weren’t for football, I don’t know how I’d make it until Spring!

28 08 2014
Martha Hess

Come south for a visit my friend! And, look into a light box. It can truly make a huge difference in lessening the impact of the winter doldrums. I so appreciate the sunshine, blue skies of NC as the days get shorter. Time to revel in the cooler temperatures!

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