Please Be Patient

20 08 2014

The Oxford dictionary defines patience as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.  We commonly use the word patience, when we really mean perseverance, especially in this often-used statement:

“I wish I had the patience to do that.”

Last weekend, I heard that, more than once, at a fine art and craft show. Have you, while gazing at some complex bit of beauty in a booth, overheard such a comment, had a friend say it to you, or perhaps even said it yourself?  There stands the artist, whose soul is on display as surely as his work, and, BAM! – someone has reduced his effort to just being able to “wait it out.”


I got the chance to visit a fine artist in her studio, last week, to observe her at work.  While I could learn many of the component tasks that go into creating her work, I could never – no matter how patient I might be – do what she does. This is not self-deprecation; I am merely stating a fact. The bases for this assertion are many, but let’s just go for the big obvious ones:

  1. Her muse speaks to her, alone. No one can copy another’s creative spirit. (Yes, we can copy work, but that’s not the same, and you know it!)
  2. She has devoted time and intellect to researching, experimenting, documenting, refining, and pushing the boundaries of her chosen medium.
  3. She is fearless in her work, because she completely trusts her vision of a piece and her ability to realize that vision.

Those things – creative fire and genius spark; desire, diligence, and artistic acuity; technical skill; and mad courage – are what we really see in the finished works of master artists and artisans. I think where patience enters the equation, perhaps, is when an artist merely smiles in response to, “I wish I had the patience to do that.”





8 responses

20 08 2014

Oh, such a smart piece, again! Your creative juices are flowing free! And, clearly, it is NOT a matter of patience, either! (smile)

20 08 2014

Thank you, Teddi. I am glad you appreciate the work. Your opinion counts a lot!

20 08 2014
June Rollins

Yes, agree with teddi 🙂 Must share! Thank you, Paula!

20 08 2014

June, I am honored that you shared my post.

20 08 2014

Great post Paula!

20 08 2014

Thanks, Debbie. I appreciate very much that you give your time to read my blog.

20 08 2014
Paul Grecian

Again, and not surprisingly, you are so attuned to the creative process. Maybe it takes a truly creative person to understand this issue of “patience.” If “patience” is what an observer sees in our work, they’ve missed the point completely! Thank you for verbalizing this so well!

20 08 2014

Thanks, Paul. When I learn about process, I find my enjoyment of an art form is enhanced. I hope this post will encourage others to dig a little deeper to raise their appreciation and enjoyment of the work you and other fine artists do.

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