I Left My Heart (in Boiling Springs, while I was) in San Francisco

9 07 2014

An all-expense-paid luxury week-long vacation in San Francisco???

You are so lucky!

Yes, I am lucky. I have the most wonderful family anyone could imagine – including a sister-in-law whose stellar career success is surpassed only by her generosity.  San Francisco is just the latest in a long line of wonderful family getaways; she spares no expense and is tireless in her effort to find something great for every family member to experience.

Yes, I am lucky . . . so why do I find myself gazing out the window of my gorgeous hotel room on a grand California morning, watching the water in the bay rippling gently, the fog playing tag with the sun and clouds, and wishing with all my heart to be looking out my kitchen window at the weeds in my own back yard?

It must be that I am just shallow.  I am not sophisticated, so I can’t appreciate all the wonders of travel. Yeah, that’s it. I’m shallow. Well, no, that’s not it. I am the opposite of shallow.

My roots run deep.  Home nourishes me; it is where I flourish.

I understand that some folks crave new places and experiences.  They need to travel. Every glorious nomadic creature, each of Nature’s migratory jewels, though, needs stable places to rest on the journey. Butterflies and birds are magnificent, but they would be in real trouble without their deep-rooted tree buddies.

San Francisco, you’re beautiful, but my heart belongs to home.




One response

10 07 2014

Vacations always make me more appreciative of home and there definitely is no place like home.

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