Alright! Who Said That???

18 06 2014

Everyone I know – myself, included – has Twitter and Facebook feeds and Pinterest Boards that are overflowing with fonted-up, fancy-margined, bannerized witticisms.

I really like a lot of them.

Some of them are so impressive, I find myself wanting to read more of the originator’s words to be further dazzled . . . or to discover the context of what I thought was brilliant changed the whole damn meaning . . . you know, to learn.

This is not about copyright or plagiarism or anything so “legal.”  It’s about sharing the wealth of the quick-witted, deep-thinking, earth-changing minds, to which we’ve been introduced by a meme-d, posterized, or otherwise quoted bon mot.  If you post without telling me who was the first thinker of the thought, it will be hard for me to find more of those thoughts. That would be like me sharing a delicious box of chocolates with you and then refusing to tell you where to find more – not very nice.

Please credit the original source.  It is the right thing to do, not just to respect said source – which is a fine reason, by the way – but to help foster discovery and discussion and learning while we check our pins, posts, status updates, and tweets.


Did I say that?



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