Friendly Fire

11 06 2014

Note: this Father’s Day week post is for my dad, whom I miss very much, who never lost his self-respect by resorting to any type of bullying behavior toward me or anyone he knew and for my father-in-law who raised two sons who are kind and confident and who have no need to prove they’re tough guys.

Ever been to a family picnic and encountered kid who’s just hit max testosterone; the kid who, since last time you saw him, has grown stubble and deltoids and at least six inches taller?

Wow, Junior, you’ve become quite the young man since last time I saw you. You must be able to bench press a VW, huh?  While Junior smiles sheepishly at your acknowledgement of his fledgling adulthood, his dad chimes in –

Sure, he’s getting big, but his old man can still kick his ass!

How many times have we heard some version of that one?  What makes some dads feel threatened by their sons, when their boys start to look like men? I’ll venture a guess and say it’s likely the dads who asserted their “parental authority” via their size advantage – when they had one.

Dads who raise their sons with respect and honor and love – and not with threats and fists – have nothing to fear from their man-sized children, because those sons will always be on the same side of a struggle with their fathers, not against them.

Thanks to all the fathers who are always in their kids’ corner.  Your kids grow into magnificent, compassionate, and brave adults.

Happy Father’s Day.




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