Waiting for the Big Guns

28 05 2014

I am a Washington Nationals (baseball team, for the non-sporty) fan.

I was a fan when they were terrible in 2011. I was a fan when they were winners in 2012.  I loved them last season, when they came up short.  I still love them, even though, to put it plainly, they stink right now. That’s one thing that defines a true fan – we don’t stop loving our team, even while we are actively hating them.

We don’t give up.

Yesterday, I was rewarded (in more than a baseball fan way) for my loyalty, when I heard the Nats’ manager, Matt Williams, scold the media at a pre-game interview, for focusing their attention on his long list of injured players.  He said it’s disrespectful to the guys in the lineup to simply wish for the return of their “big guns” from the disabled list.  He said the players in the dugout are grinding it out – giving it their best and playing hard from the first pitch, every game.

What an important observation (and it’s about a lot more than baseball):

We disrespect the good we have when we focus on the potential “better” we feel we’re being denied.

We should never devalue what we have, just because we think we deserve more.

I am a sports fan because I love the beauty of the game, the excitement of competition, and I love the lessons I learn about so much more than the Infield Fly Rule.

I will remember that there is grace in grinding it out, honor in giving it my best, and dignity in showing up for the game ready to play hard. I’ll admit, though, I’ll also remember there are big guns – my family and my friends – suited up and beside me on the bench.

Play Ball!




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28 05 2014

Go Phils! Go Paula! Swing, batter, swing!

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