In Case of Bad Mood, Check List

21 05 2014

I am not a dancer or an athlete, but I love a beautifully executed arabesque or gravity-defying leaping catch.  I know greatness when I see it and, even though it far surpasses anything I might do, I also know – let’s call it less than maximum effort.  When a professional athlete or entertainer delivers a lackluster performance, even though it is still far above the level of my ability, I feel a little bit ripped off   .  .  .

Okay, okay, Miss Muse.  Sorry!  I’ll stick to the “No Whining in the Blog” rule.

Instead of outing offenders, which might be fun, but not productive, I’d like to share a few of the people, places, and things that never disappoint me – part of my “Raise My Spirits” list. They encourage, inspire, teach, or just knock my socks off.

You don’t have such a list?   You’re welcome to adopt some of mine – here’s a little sample. Consider this an act of spiritual gardening seed sharing.  Happy Spring.

  1. Highland Gardens – my favorite nursery, filled with beautiful plants, relaxed presentation, overworked and stunningly knowledgeable plantswomen and men.
  2. Gwenn Seemel – an artist whose blog always makes me thing new thoughts about age-old issues in art.
  3. Simon and Pig Newton – my guinea pigs, adopted from here Cats and dogs aren’t the only ones whose original owners break up with them. They keep me in touch with my inner eight-year-old.
  4. Bruster’s Ice Cream – three words: key lime pie!
  5. June Rollins – a watercolorist and alcohol ink artist with a gentle encouraging manner as inviting as her beautiful works.
  6. Heuchera ‘Obsidian’ – one of my favorite perennials, never failing to make my garden more beautiful by its presence.
  7. Harry Potter – friendship, honor, bravery, and the good guys win in the end – with dragons and Quiddich!
  8. Susan Werner – singer-songwriter with wicked sense of humor, sharp wit, nasty guitar skills and oh, that voice.
  9. My recipe collection – reminds me of great gatherings past and gets me dreaming of more to come.
  10. You, my lovely folks, who help me to keep my Wednesday blog promise to myself. Thanks!





3 responses

21 05 2014

As always, something to think about, on which to take action, and to have a good giggle, too….LOVE it! You are quite the wonderful “scribbler” (as some very fine writers call themselves). I look forward to Wednesdays to see your blog — and to enjoy thinking about its content for an hour or two afterward! Brava, woman, brava!!

21 05 2014

love passing love. ❤

22 05 2014
June Rollins

Great concept, Paula! Honored to be included in your list. Love Simon and Pig Newton 🙂

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