Mission Accomplished!

7 05 2014

Is everyone in the same rut as I am?

The To-Do List is longer than your arm, spring fever has laid waste to your energy, and you’re worn out from self-flagellation because

you aren’t accomplishing anything!

Well, well, well.  I think we need to reconsider what we view as accomplishment.

Yes, the To-Do List is an important and valid tool, but let’s keep it in its place.  While keeping score on the chore list, don’t just check off the jobs you’ve finished at the end of the day.  Ask yourself, “What did I enjoy?”

If we start reviewing our day’s work in terms of all the bits of joy we experience – those little random happy moments – the feeling of accomplishment will be guaranteed.  Okay, I’ll admit it. Some of the things I enjoy involve checking off To-Do List chores; but I also enjoy a particularly delicious strawberry, the happy sounds my guinea pigs make, a win for the Washington Nats, a hug from a friend, to name just a few other joys.

Make it your mission to enjoy yourself. Be conscious of and actively appreciate whatever goodness comes to you in your day. This afternoon, for me, it was three scoops of key lime pie ice cream.

Mission AHHHH-complished.





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