Consider the Source

9 04 2014

Miss Muse read this on Facebook, this week:

Somebody gave my book a one star review. It’s the only one on Amazon that’s so low about my book. Does someone not like me? Are they trying to ruin all that hard work I did? Or just make me feel bad?        Kerin Gale, Artist                

What makes us cease to process all the positive things we know about ourselves at the drop of one negative remark?

When we receive a compliment, even from someone whose opinion we respect – and especially from someone we love – we brush it off as undeserved; but we immediately embrace whatever crap some clueless bully launches at us as valid. Many of us seem to be wired to ignore good and positive affirming statements from valued friends, but take to heart the ill-educated, mean-spirited, worthless venom spewed by someone we would not trust to tell us the correct time of day.

Is it a design flaw? Nah. It’s operator error. We need to stop driving with one foot on the brake! Let the wheels roll: forward, fueled by compliments and encouragement and away from the negative nonsense not worth a glance in the rear-view mirror.



3 responses

9 04 2014

Oh how easy to want to let the negative roll off like water off a duck’s back…but the space between wanting to do so and making it so is as vast as the ocean! Thanks for the reminder to keep working on it!

And keep writing; I’m really loving your insights!

9 04 2014
Christine Goldbeck

This is so true, Paula. Yet, I find myself having to re-teach myself these truths often.

10 04 2014

This is such an important message for artists and makers. So many people dwell on the negative and let it destroy their confidence. In reality, it is a great opportunity to step outside of ourselves and evaluate our work, or just build a thicker skin, whichever is preferred 😉

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