Ooh, She’s Intimidating

19 03 2014

When someone evokes a feeling of awe in us, I think we often mislabel that sensation as “feeling intimidated.” Professional athletes and musicians excepted, I believe we fight against be awed by others. Why?  I think it’s to protect our egos; if we are awed by others (whom have not been properly anointed by the masses), we might feel less awesome . . .

How silly.

We need to loosen our grip on our “Wow!” response.  We need to revel in the glow of  the greatness of others, especially in those moments when that greatness presents itself right in front of our noses – not from two hundred rows away from the court, field, or stage.  When so much of our life is relegated to the mundane tasks of everyday routine, how does it make sense to ever miss a chance to be awed?

Next time you find yourself feeling “intimidated,” make sure that’s really what’s happening. You might, in fact, be feeling amazed – awe-struck – by some other regular guy’s very real talent, ability, grace, intellect, or unexpected-but-dazzling smile.  I am purposefully tuning in, looking for, questing after that feeling of being awe-struck.  It’s occasion for celebration, which is always awesome.

Here’s a link to my inspiration for today’s post – a video by an awesome artist, Gwenn Seemel. http://www.gwennseemel.com/index.php/blog/comments/why_im_intimidating_pourqoui_je_fais_peur/



One response

20 03 2014

it would seem like the teacher has a problem with being intimidated….

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