The Answer to “How to?”

5 02 2014

Here’s a Facebook post from a few weeks ago that made me nod in agreement and shake my head incredulously at the same time.

Does anyone else get irritated that someone had to slap a name on what so many of us have been doing for years? And then make folks think they need to buy a book to learn how to doodle for heaven’s sake?!? Gah! 

and a follow-up comment: and get training and certified to “teach” it…good grief…

After careful research,  I learned the thing that sparked this thread is Zentangle, a relatively newly coined word for – yep – doodle.

Since there is, verified by careful research – Pinterest and Amazon, quite a market for how-to-doodle books, it seems many of us are just too uptight about the simple joy of mark-making.

Perhaps, it’s the “Don’t waste the Scotch tape!” of a parent’s voice, ringing in your head that’s stopping you, or you fear that you won’t make a masterpiece.

Do it anyway. Scribble, doodle, draw, paint, whittle.  Do something with your collection of art supplies, instead of hoarding them. Yes, I know you do that because I used to just collect stuff, too, and when I would feel the urge to make something, I’d be paralyzed at the thought of using it up.

Know what I figured out? Stuff is made to be used, so I do. Sometimes – often – what I make is a big mess. Have I wasted my time?  Have I wasted my (insert favorite medium here – I have dozens)?  Of course not.  I am exercising my brain, my dexterity, and my muse. I’m having fun.

If you are one of those folks who need a little encouragement to express your inner artist, here it is – free and from me, the self-taught, self-proclaimed, expert dabbler. Use every crayon in the box. I doodle-dare you.




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