Please Pass the Cranberry Sauce – and the Football

25 12 2013

It’s Christmas, so let’s talk about sports. Really, I am absolutely certain that no one needs another post about the holidays and all their attendant ritual . . .

But ritual – and superstition – are critical to enjoying sports, so I guess this might be kind of a holiday-ish post, after all.

Ritual and superstition are part of what makes sports exciting for those of us who can’t run, throw, dunk, or hit a ball.  Does not matter whether what we do has any effect on the outcome of the game; it affects our enjoyment of it.  That’s what makes watching sports different from other entertainment.

We love TV. We love dramas and comedies and game shows and SPORTS. When we watch sports, it’s different, though, because we feel connected to “our team,” in a far different way than we feel for Red Reddington or Sheldon Cooper.  We hope plots will play out like we want them, but we accept that we are powerless to affect the outcome.

Not so with sports, No-Sir-Ree!

We can help Shady get that first down by hollering like banshees in the living room; we KNOW he feels our power.

We can – again, usually by yelling – will Jason to hit that home run.

We can, by stomping our feet and clapping like rabid seals, force an errant free throw from Kobe.

We also understand the awesome power of rally caps, game-day food, fight songs, and all the other talismans, charms, and incantations in our fanly arsenal.

You may not feel the power, just as you may not believe in Santa Claus, but for the sake of those of us who do have the magic, and who have important work – hollering – to do; please don’t call when it’s Third and 2 on the 18 yard line!





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