A Walk in the Woods

18 12 2013

This is going to sound silly to a lot of you, but I know there are many others like me, who love the idea of a walk in the woods – communing with the trees and the earth and the air – but we DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT.

Sure, we can just go outside, but we’ll be too hot or too cold or we’ll get blisters or we’ll get snake-bit or we’ll get lost or we’ll be too close to pavement and cars – we don’t know how to do it.

I said it would sound silly, but it is true, at least it is for me.  I need some guidance. I need the right tools to feel comfortable and safe, so I can relax into the environment that I am sure will raise my level of inner peace, without having the fear of the unknown raise my blood pressure. Won’t someone please help?

Many of us were not raised by cross-country skiers or mountain climbers.  We don’t have a clue what poison ivy looks like. We live a cubicle-working-couch-dwelling-car-commuting kind of life.  We’re willing to change, though, if someone will just tell us how . . . in detail, please!

I need an experienced outdoorsperson to wipe that incredulous look off her well-tanned face and give me a hand, here. Just tell me what to buy, where to buy it, how to use it, and where;  I’ll do it.

Of course, I’ll want to start with a walk in the park, but the woods can’t be too far away.

12-18 erica's tree

Image courtesy of the fabulous Erica Shaffer, Plant Goddess and  Wonder Woman.




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18 12 2013

🙂 You can’t buy your way in. You gotta go. Just go and wander in. Find a little deer trail and follow it in. Wear some orange so the hunters know you are a dear not a deer…..Leave cookie crumbs in the way of fluorescent tape lightly tied to trees (watch for leaves of three let it be! poison ivy) Here, take my hand, I will lead you in…… 🙂 The unfamiliar will quickly be replaced with awe, peace, and wonder…..and a need to return and explore further…..

18 12 2013
Jennifer Daggs

If you need to take baby steps into this try Wildwood Lake Sanctuary in Harrisburg. It’s a gem of a place. Most paths are paved, some are boardwalks along the edge of the lake and thru the wetlands. It’s easy to navigate but you really can get out there in the woods without too much difficulty, no fears of wandering off the path and losing your way. The long trail that goes all the way around the lake also has a very nice hill if you are looking for some extra cardio. There are even bird blinds along some of the wetlands trails so you can settle in and watch the locals do their thing. Most of their trails and blinds are even handicapped accessible or stroller friendly. It’s so easy to get there, just behind the main HACC campus. Kiddo and I have strolled there at a variety of times of year and it’s wonderful to hike the same trail and see the change of seasons unveil new wonders. The Olewine Nature Center is a good place to start, you can pick up a trail map and check out their exhibits. The center also has a great bird watching area if you chicken out and decide to stay indoors, it’s like being in a tree house! Enjoy!

18 12 2013
Christine Goldbeck

It’s a date. I’ll take you on the trail on which we ride, bike, run, explore, BE… we can walk or snowshoe or whatever you wish.

18 12 2013

Let’s go on the trail our hometown boasts. Or, would you like to come leaf-collecting with me come spring? I don’t know much, but I know a couple tree friends.

19 12 2013

You brought back a some great memories. I know that fear. Living overseas, not speaking the language and not knowing the lay of the land…well, you can let your imagination take you there. Two times in particular….Garmish Germany, which had miles and miles of trails. I set out for a run and tried to keep track if which turns I took so I could reverse on the way back. I was lost…oh no, what to do. I kept going and I know I had to have seen beautiful vistas, however, fear set in….I kept going and several hours later, I made it back to town but from a totally different direction. It made for good dinner conversation that night. This also happened while in Vienna, Austria. The personal trainer voice in me will say…just do it, keep moving….the practical person of today…says, one step at a time. So, when you get ready for that walk…call me and I will take you along with Bogey and me for a walk through the neighborhoods of Carlisle….and we will not get lost, I promise!

28 12 2013
wayne stratz (@nutmegdesigns)

Think first attempt failed… So here it goes. I hope you find a guide. Truly the best way to fill a desire is to announce it to the world. I used to do lots of bird watching, but not much the last several years. So my advice: once you are in the woods, stop, stand still and be amazed at the sights and sounds that emerge from the single vantage point. May your journey be filled with joy.

29 12 2013

Thank you, Wayne, for the encouragement. It is a scary thing, to announce a desire to the world, but you are right; it’s the best way to get something done. Thanks for the good wishes, as well as for the good advice.

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