Women’s Liberation 2.0

27 11 2013

I grew up with the women’s movement. I remember when it was extraordinary to see women working in professions other than teaching or nursing, and then, only until they married and became housewives.  It was crazy, of course. Women, just like men, should be able to work at whatever occupation appeals to them, to be whatever they want, to live the life they choose . . .

Ah, yes, being able to choose is the key.

As women have gained equality in school, the workplace, politics, a strange and troubling side effect of our growing power as a group has festered. We seem to have forgotten the empowerment inherent in being able to choose. We have begun to turn on each other.

When a woman chooses to be a stay-at-home wife and mother, we are more apt to be critical than supportive. We insist that any woman who is not pounding on the glass ceiling is not living up to her potential. We suspect that any woman who is “dependent” on her husband for income is either a victim of a controlling spouse or a traitor to feminism.

To quote one of the smartest women I know, We have as much right to elect domesticity as to decline it. Succumbing to societal pressure does not show strength or independence.

I hope my women friends, nieces, and neighbors realize they have choices – plural, not just one.  May they choose every day to be who they are: unashamed, unapologetic, unfettered, but not necessarily alone.

Being liberated is not about going it alone.  It is about trusting your own compass, mapping your own route. You can, if you like, do that with a traveling companion. It’s your choice.




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