Stage Fright

23 10 2013

I was on live TV, today – no, not an episode of “World’s Dumbest” or “Cops!”

I had the privilege of representing my friends and fellow members of the Yellow Breeches Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen  in a very short segment on our local ABC affiliate, Channel 27 .

I know a lot of folks might think it’d be fun to be on TV and many more who would be frozen in terror at the thought.I fall in neither camp.

I am too old to think it’d be a good idea to put my wrinkles in hi-def and wide screen. I am also too old to be afraid of much of anything. Because it was a new experience for me, though, I was curious about how I would respond to that countdown to live air-time. Well, I was so enthralled with the fine craft we’d brought to show; so proud of my friends, who imagined and created it; so thrilled to be able to share it with a wider audience; I really didn’t have a response to the cameras at all.

That’s what art can do for you.

It can take you out of your head, out of your stress, out of your own way.

That’s why art is important.

It reminds us that there is beauty to be enjoyed.

It makes us feel better about our world.

It encourages us.

I hope you are encouraged, emboldened, energized to celebrate the beautiful things that abound in our world. I hope you will seek them out and appreciate them.  I also hope you listen to your own muse – you do have one. Live your life on your own big stage. There’s no reason to be afraid.

. . . and we’re live in 3 – 2 – 1



One response

23 10 2013

Paula, you were just a natural for t.v. You have such an incredible knack of perfect public speech. I am always impressed when people can speak without uttering….you know, like, uh,umm. Well you get my point and you represented us in fine style! Also, David said you were outstanding too.

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