16 10 2013

While I enjoy social media, I all-too-often find myself shaking my head at some of the things people share on Facebook. Here’s this week’s winner.

good regret



I am barreling toward my sixtieth birthday, so you bet, I can think of loads of stuff I wish I’d not done and lots more things I wish I had done, but, you bet your ass, I have NEVER regretted doing GOOD.

I have been disappointed when my kindness has gone unappreciated, discredited, or mocked; I have been angry when someone I felt deserved kindness proved to be a total jerk (but who, as do we all, still deserved kindness); I have felt heartache when I gave something of myself to someone who disrespected it;

But I have NEVER regretted doing GOOD.

We do GOOD because it is the right thing to do.


It is not about how the recipients of our goodness behave.  If you do something with the goal of getting something from another, in return, that is not doing GOOD; that is making a deal.

Doing GOOD is its own reward.  What are you waiting for?  Reward yourself.



4 responses

16 10 2013

I love you, you goodie. 🙂

16 10 2013

agreeing x 10!

16 10 2013
Mindy Spray

As usual, Paula, you’ve tackled an interesting subject. I saw the graphic posted on FB too and was taken aback a bit at first. I agree that doing good is always doing good. But then I said, “I’m pretty sure I know who the wrong people are in that sentence.” They are the people who deliberately use a person’s good and/or giving nature to further their own agenda, which may not be yours. These people always leave an indelible mark on the will to do good. Once you’ve been used — perhaps even been mocked for that goodness — there is always a pause before you sally forth again. I’m not saying that it will stop a person from doing good again. But, like not being able to wear shoes through an airport screen, we never travel the same again.

16 10 2013

You’re right, Mindy, we never travel the same again, but we can still look for the beautiful vistas ahead.

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