Baggage Check

25 09 2013

This little image has been making the rounds on social media:


I, a seasoned life traveler, have learned an even better way.

Travel light.

It’s not easy to give up the habit of over-packing. Afraid we’ll forget something, we load up everything, just in case. I mean, who knows whether or not the person who made you feel fat in the fourth grade or the ex-boyfriend who assured you that you deserved to be lied to and cheated will show up in your present life and then, if you’ve forgotten to pack your stuff, how will you appropriately handle the situation? What if you failed to pack your glorious cloak of doubt and loathing, your tightly knitted shame, your too-heavy-for-the-overhead-compartment rage?

I’ll tell you what will happen.

You will feel a bit uncomfortable, for a moment, but then, you’ll find you only need a few new things – beautiful things like joy and self-confidence and love.  If your bags are filled with that other stuff, you might never see the opportunity to try on these new threads.

Trust me; I’ve been on this road a long time. Travel light.



One response

25 09 2013
linda klipple surace

wonderful..Thank you.

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