Seasonally Adjusting

18 09 2013

The air is crisp and the sun’s rays are striking with a sharper angle than even a few days ago; autumn is upon us.

Spring was full of rambunctious green growing things and pouting weather.  Summer brought simmering evenings punctuated by thunder and barbecue smoke. Winter is waiting to wrap us in gray and snow us into our homes.  Now, it is autumn, the richest season; a time when the sun shines such glorious gold that its beauty brings tears to my eyes. It’s as if the landscape is nodding off into a nap after some large and heavy feast.

To me, autumn is a time of reflection, assessment, and planning.  It is a bittersweet farewell to the promise that was spring and the languorous long days of summer. Autumn is where dreams fulfilled are remembered and new goals (which are necessary to persevere through the winter) are set.

I hope all your happiest dreams came true and trust you will dream up new and wonderful ones to chase in the coming seasons.

Here’s to autumn and to you.




2 responses

19 09 2013
June Rollins

Wonderful inspiration for the season, Paula! Thank you!

19 09 2013

love. love. love.

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