Share, if You . . .

11 09 2013

Perhaps it’s the change of season or the change of mind of change of season, but I find I have lost patience with certain posts on social media.

I have a husband whom I love more than anyone in the world.

I was the mother of an autistic child.

I have lost someone, my beautiful daughter, to cancer.

A family member, my sister, is a cancer survivor.

My mom is the greatest mother in the world.

All those Facebook equivalents to “Honk if you love Budweiser,” have got to stop, PLEASE!  Aside from the fact they make skimming the newsfeed like wading in knee-deep mud, they can be hurtful.  For every well-meaning soul who posts one of these, there are other people who are saddened to see them.

I am not suggesting that we stop posting positive messages and putting happy energy into the internet. I am pleading that we all think hard before clicking that “Share” button.  If someone has a handicapped child, they certainly do not need to publicly vow their love via a verbal Smiley Face.  If your marriage is happy, good for you; but don’t accuse me of stopping the rotation of the Earth if I break the electronic chain letter.  If, however, you fall into space because gravity fails, I will apologize – via an inspirational image with bad font selection on Facebook.9-10-13 blog




One response

12 09 2013

Yep…Exactly on target AND a beautiful picture…tho..maybe…the font?? 🙂

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