What Kind of Fool Am I?

4 09 2013
09-04-2013 02;36;01PM

Here’s My Sign


A week ago, I found myself typing a comment onto a social media site, in defense of Miley Cyrus, not because I approved of her horrid VMA performance, but because she’s a just a (poorly guided) kid.

A few days ago, I gave a young mother, who was clearly having a very rough day at the grocery store, twenty bucks to help pay for the grocery order she, embarrassedly, did not have enough money to cover.

Sunday, when the township failed to supply promised barricades for our annual Labor Day Sunday neighborhood party, I parked my car across the street and directed traffic, so all of the kids – none of whom were mine – could safely participate in the traditional parade down our street.  I waved and clapped and cheered for every bicycle, skateboard, trike, and stroller – I was EVERYBODY’S best Auntie.

What has happened to me?  For most of my life, I have prided myself on my all-business, no-sugar-coating, tough-as-nails personality.  I was a respected adversary among my career peers.  No door-to-door salesman ever returned to my neighborhood, after an encounter with me.  I was fearless, ruthless, and absolutely certain of my position on everything.

Now, I find myself with some sort of compassion impulse.

What the Hell?

I am being NICE to people.

My husband of almost thirty years laughingly responded to my consternation by telling me the first step to righting myself is to admit my weakness.  Okay, here goes . . .

Hello, my name is Paula and I am a kind person.




12 responses

4 09 2013

We know. Thats why you are so loved. Sometime remind about marshmallow peep hearts.

4 09 2013
The Haags

Yes, you are a very nice person Paula Lewis and I am so very happy we have met!

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4 09 2013
June Rollins

Yes, very kind 🙂

4 09 2013

I believe I am kinder because of the lovely people I’ve met through the arts. I intend to keep following your lead, June, Elaine, and Amy.

4 09 2013
Christine Goldbeck

When I grow up, I want to be just like you! And, I mean this!

4 09 2013
Maggie Little

Just because you are kind does not mean you are a pushover.

5 09 2013
Katie Margolis

Those of us who know you have seen through the tough exterior all along. You’ve always been kind to me, so in my experience you’ve always been a kind person. Don’t confuse busy and no-nonsense with unkindness. All of the above are true and admirable traits.

5 09 2013

Thanks, Katie.

5 09 2013
Kelly Hubler

Katie commented perfectly! DITTO!

5 09 2013

Paula, this is not new news to anyone who knows you. You’ve always been one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to know.

9 09 2013
Lois McGaw

You’ve always been one of the kindest best friends that a person could be so fortunate to have. You’re also one of the most talented, funny, intelligent tough women I’ve ever known! That being said, I’d rather you were on my side than against me, you are fierce & you are loved by many….

12 09 2013

Paula… you’ve always tried to be a hard-a** but we all know… deep down inside. you’re just a wonderful, loving person…
(& you thought you had us fooled all that time…)

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