Not Hollow Words

21 08 2013

“I know how you feel.”

These are the words I never want to say, but I must.

These are the words I never want to believe, but I must.

These are the words that, when said truthfully, mean only one thing. They mean that at least two hearts share the same gaping, gruesome, indecent, and irreparable wound.

Early this week, I learned of the tragic and untimely death of one of our neighbors’ children. The young man had been a dear and loving friend of my Jessica, who also left us far too soon.  There is nothing I can do for these parents. There is nothing anyone can do.

I know.

I know how they feel.

What I can do is to remind, encourage, exhort you – every one of you – to not miss a single chance to show love to the people who are important to you. Show love to people who need to be shown love.  Show love to yourself so you can love others.

Trust me, please. You do not want to know how surely I know this is the way to live.

I know that the loss of a love does not mean the loss of the ability to love.

My wounded but working heart goes out to all those others who truly know how it feels to lose a child.  This is my small but earnest gesture of love to you.



6 responses

21 08 2013
Sandra Schmitz

I’m sending you a hug, Paula. You brighten my life every time we are together and very often when I read your blog.

21 08 2013

Very sad news. Thanks again for your reminder
Take care of yourself my Friend.
Love You

22 08 2013

Love you too Paula. I do not know this particular loss nor can I even imagine it. This has to be the most heartbreaking. God bless those who have had to experience it. May you find the peace and strength to cope and continue. Paula you are such an inspiration and example of how to move forward one step at a time.

23 08 2013

Paula, you are my inspiration and why I can honestly say….Elaine, you have absolutely no reason to ever complain. Thank you for sharing…we all need a reminder, a wake call to love and forgive.

27 08 2013
Kelly Hubler

Thank you Paula for these wise words! My Mom lost 2 children…my beautiful sister Sandy and my loving brother Kenny. I’ve seen her be strong during Sandy’s therapy for cerebral palsy and Kenny’s alcoholism. I can’t imagine the hurt she feels in her heart…but I have learned from her that its so important to continue loving others. She does this every day…whether its the 96 year old blind lady that she takes care of, her high school friends that she still chats with everyday, or the stranger at the store. She rarely misses an opportunity to shows them all love in little ways! She has not lost that ability…even though she experienced so much pain. She has taught me so much about being loving and kind to people. My life is better because of beautiful people like my Mom and you!!!! I love you!

28 08 2013

Thank you, Kelly.

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