14 08 2013

Don’t know about you, but I’ve been bombarded with internet offers from all sorts of (usually self-proclaimed) “media gurus”, who all promise to give me the ultimate key/five core principles/magic dust/secret word to build my business brand by leveraging social media.  Wow!

As I sat, staring blankly at my overflowing promise-filled inbox, I remembered a sage bit of career advice:

“Beware the job that offers visitunity – you know, the one – a highly visible position with great advancement opportunity – visitunity.”

Well, that puts the professional sales coaches offers in a clear harsh light.  They are selling the promise of visitunity, an attribute as phony as the word itself.  Even if these e-mail Ron Popeils (Google him, kids,) could deliver visitunity, what good would it be?  They offer to show me how to get myself noticed, without mention of whether or not I have anything noteworthy to offer.  Is it really good business to get yourself talked about, if there is nothing to say? (Yes, I know there are a lot of rich celebre-trash reality stars, but there are rich dope dealers and hookers, too – I don’t want to be them, either.)

The idea of self-promotion seems to have become a goal, in and of itself, and an industry devoted to helping us do it has grown as fast as our overactive egos.  There is nothing wrong with healthy self-esteem. We all appreciate being appreciated.  It seems short-sighted, though, to say the least, to seek praise and recognition (from anyone who is not your mom or your best friend) just for being.

It is a big undertaking, to seek attention, and then have to deliver the goods to merit the audience.  Keeping up with the Joneses is difficult; keeping up with the persona of what you might have created for yourself could be downright exhausting!

Fame should be a side effect of a well-lived life, not the goal. Live famously well.




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