What’s Wrong with Comfort?

31 07 2013

If you hang out with artsy types, like I do, I’m sure you’ve heard this one about a hundred times.

“I need to get out of my comfort zone.”7-31-13 2

A talented painter I know recently commented that, because she has been “trapped” in representational art, which she loves to do and does it exquisitely, she needs to work more abstract.  If you are moved to “loosen up,” go for it, but don’t do it because of some false feeling of “getting out of your comfort zone.”  It is a fine thing to refresh your muse, but working in a color, style, or medium that you don’t love (for one reason or another) is silly. Once in a while, it’s nice to shake out the cobwebs, but only if it is rewarding.

“I need to get out of my comfort zone.”

I was just about to march to that tune, when Miss Muse thumped me and asked me why I thought we should be uncomfortable.

“Well, to be creative,” I thought.

“Are we not creative, now, while we are very comfortable?” she retorted.

Hmmmmmm.  I do feel creative. I feel happy. I feel like I am “in the zone,” and I am comfortable!  What a stupid thing would it be to force myself into something less rewarding – seriously, why rock a boat that is steaming along on a wonderful course?


Miss Muse sends her best from the Comfort Zone.



6 responses

31 07 2013
Patti Fox Miller

I wholeheartedly agree!

31 07 2013
Charlotte Safewright

Wow, thanks for the new perspective! Don’t rock the boat baby! You are so right! Why did I feel like I needed to loosen up if I am happy painting using a more representational style? I think it is because I love the freedom and flow I see in the abstract paintings and that is how I was painting with inks and liquid acrylics when I first began my journey in art. After painting with oils I became more representational and didn’t know how to go back to the loose style I had when I began using inks. I love going back and seeing those earlier paintings but I have no idea how I painted them. I just need to do what works for me and makes me happy. Thanks so much Paula!

31 07 2013
Paul Grecian

I’ve never understood the logic either Paula. I never thought that one must stretch to the point of being uncomfortable in order to be creative.

1 08 2013
Jean Van Brederode

Ha! My idea of being in my comfort zone is being out of it!

1 08 2013
Ruth Jensen

I’d so love to be in my comfort zone…haven’t found it yet!

8 08 2013

I’m OK with comfort

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