I’m Curious

17 07 2013

It’s art festival time, so articles and blog posts about them are popping up all over the place. More than a few that have come under my eyeballs lately have been aimed at craft show attendees ( you know, the ones with the money to spend, there to appreciate – and  buy – your magnificent work), giving them advice on proper manners when talking with artists.

Well, aren’t we a fine bunch to tell the commoners how to address our highnesses!

About this time, Miss Muse was climbing up on her soapbox, en route to her high horse, writing paragraph after paragraph to dispute these pieces, point by point; but I managed to wrestle her back to earth. Here’s the condensed version of the diatribe.

My dear fellow artists, if someone asks you an honest question about your art or you, as an artist, give them an honest answer. If they are sincerely interested in learning, why would you, an artist, who understands so deeply in your soul the power and joy of creating, want to do anything but encourage? If they are trying to bust your chops, meeting that with professionalism and dignity will guarantee their disappointment. Either way, you have done a good thing. You win.

Curiosity is a gift.  Don’t take it for granted in yourself. Don’t disrespect it in others.

Curiosity is Miss Muse’s middle name.




3 responses

17 07 2013


24 07 2013

Wayne Dyer talks of a solution for this and most problems. If I have issues with customers questions, I think I’d need to get over my goddamn self. 🙂

24 07 2013

Ah, yes, that’s why I love you, Linda. You know where it’s at! Thanks for your support, my friend.

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