Facing Your Fears

3 07 2013

How many times have we talked about doing something new and couched it as facing our fears?  Everything from moving across country to wearing red lipstick to trying sushi has been discussed in those terms.

I understand that it is fashionable to (appear to) be daring.  Accepting a challenge is looked at as a sign of bravery. Well, I am here to tell you, it ain’t always so. Resisting peer pressure is also a sign of bravery.

Sometimes, in an effort to prove ourselves strong, courageous, or worthy, we take the dare we should refuse.  It is alright to decline to do something that we just don’t see offering sufficient reward for the associated risk.  The trick is doing that analysis honestly and on our own terms, not basing the equation on what we think others think. What is risky to one, is comfortable and easy to another. Similarly, what is gloriously wonderful to me might bore you to tears.

Next time you find yourself saying I am going to (fill in the blank) because I have to face my fears, be sure you are certain that the prize for staring down that particular bogeyman is worth risking soiling your britches in the attempt. Challenge for challenge’s sake is great, if you like that adrenaline rush; but we are not all wired like that.  It is just as reasonable to value comfort and security.  We are not all enamored of high drama; peace and quiet are valid choices, too.

Next time someone exhorts you to face your fears, feel free to politely tell them no thanks. Tell them you’re perfectly happy facing your friendly and familiar.



One response

9 07 2013

Fears that are preventing us from living a full lif are the ones that need to be examined, but I don’t need to jump out of a plane to face free falls.

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