19 06 2013

I love a good story:  a book written by a gifted author, a television show featuring a fine ensemble cast, a beautifully crafted ballad. They take me out of myself.  It’s so enjoyable to be invited or thrown into another world; guided through its streets, paths, mazes, and meadows; and rewarded with a satisfying resolution at the end.  A less cerebral, but no less delightful characteristic of these diversions is that I can close them, pause them, even turn them off.  If I don’t feel like being in that moment, in their moment, I can simply walk away.

Seems I find myself wishing I could close the book (and, in some instances, return it to a library, unfinished) on some of the day-in-the-life drama that permeates our society.  There are real-life issues that merit Sturm und Drang and I’m certainly ready to give them my full attention. Not every inconvenience, however, rises to the status of catastrophe.

With a nod to Stephen Covey, let’s all take a closer look at our Urgent/Important Matrix 6-19-13

and realize NOT EVERYTHING BELONGS IN THE TOP RIGHT QUADRANT – just like not everything needs to be hollered.  Unless we refuse to let our lives be a series of consistently full volume, pedal-to-the-metal, emergencies; we will fry the speakers, burn up the engine, and end up in the hospital.  Appreciate the shadings, enjoy some lower energy levels, rejoice in occasional boredom; it’s good for you.

Drama?  Less, please.



One response

20 06 2013
June Rollins

I’m with you, Paula. These words especially shimmered for me this morning:

“Not every inconvenience, however, rises to the status of catastrophe.”

“Drama? Less, please.”

Thank you for your professional, well-crafted words reminding me to, “Keep Calm and Carry On.” 🙂

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