Appreciating a Masterpiece

5 06 2013

Do you have a few fine friends who inspire you?  I do. I am so grateful for their presence in my world.  With big love for the others, I would like to thank one, June Rollins, for this week’s inspiration.

June’s latest post, titled Step Away From The Painting, is part of a series showing her work-in-progress on a watercolor painting.  This post, she’s at that place where she has covered a lot of ground and one, not as experienced or talented as June, might sense the finish line and rush headlong toward the gratification of completing the painting – or become frustrated at one particular element and give up.

Not June.

She says, “Take a step back. Look at the whole painting, not just the areas on which you’ve been focusing your work.”

Get some perspective.  This is as true in life as it is in art.

Seeing the whole picture, not just the little niggling details, is the key to understanding it and knowing where the right next steps lie. When we focus on whatever is in front of us, we can become unaware of the life all around us.

Mundane inconveniences, stabbing grief, the grind of an unpleasant job, and myriad other things all clamor for our full and undivided attention, but we do not have to give it. We can step away from the painting – really look at those areas that have been sucking up our energy and make a conscious decision about just how valid are their demands. How big and important are they as part of the whole picture?

There will always be small, detailed, demanding areas. It’s alright – it’s necessary – to dive into them and resolve them. Just remember, as demanding as they might be in the moment, they are just part of your painting.

See the big picture of your life. It is a masterpiece.

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5 responses

5 06 2013

I enjoy all of your blogs but don’t always comment. But I really liked this one, Paula. I plan to copy a few lines on groovy paper and place in a highly visable place. Thank-You!!

5 06 2013
June Rollins

Paula, touched and honored. What a wonderful analogy you have drawn from painting to life. Your well-crafted words have reminded me to be more mindful of situations that don’t nearly deserve the energy I sometimes find myself giving them. Thank you so much.

5 06 2013
Linda Billet

Ahhh SO true!

5 06 2013
Kelly Hubler

I look forward to reading your blogs and really enjoyed this one. Well crafted analogy! It was perfectly timed for my world…so I plan on giving it lots of thought as I go lay my head on a comfy pillow. Thank you.

7 06 2013
Martha Hess

Thank you for your thoughtful insights. Your blog is almost like having a visit with you. I miss seeing you and think of you often as I gallop up and down the roadways.

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