29 05 2013

I’m not sure when it happened, but one day – right out of the blue – it occurred to me that the “stuff” I like does not magically happen.  Well, it was a shock, I tell you: almost as big a shock as learning that dinner did not simply materialize on the table; money did not spring forth from my father’s wallet; or clothes didn’t take themselves out of the dryer and tuck themselves into drawers.  Nope, I had to DO things to put food on the table, pay my way, keep my home in order.  I learned this about my personal life a long time ago; why’d it take so long for me to see the world at large works the same way?

There are a lot of wonderful communal things.

Who’s responsible?

Who puts up the bunting for the Memorial Day Parade?

Who waters the beautiful planters that line the streets of our little hamlet?

Who arranges meeting space, sets up schedules, records the minutes, and keeps members of the various social and civic groups informed of the goings-on?


There are generous-with-their-time folks who make these things (that I took for granted for too long) happen.  When I “grew up”, I realized that if something is important to me, I should do my fair share to keep that important thing healthy.

What’s a fair share?  Here’s my definition:

Give as much as you hope to get.

That’s the fair thing to do. Do it yourself.




One response

29 05 2013

You always give me something to consider and I love the next to the next line because I think that has oh, so much to do with life. Keep writing my friend, you are truly and inspiration!

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