If You Can’t Say Something Nice

15 05 2013

Today’s new word – coined by me – boys and girls, is snarcasm.

snar-casm  (snahrˌkazəm) noun

a turn of phrase that is so wittily crafted that, despite its overt unkindness toward a subject, it must be revered as a thing of beauty.

Here is an example.  Some years ago, after escaping from a tedious evening of bad food and dull company, my husband cheerfully observed, “Well, the dinner was inedible and the conversation boring . . . but at least, it was long.” This was the perfect summation of a not-perfect event AND it made me laugh.

Snarcasm.  If you can’t say something nice, say something funny.




2 responses

15 05 2013
Kelly Hubler

Love it….and will add it to my vocabulary. However, I can’t help but remember a terrible dinner I made for you and Ken when I was married to my previous husband who was a dull and boring individual unless he was consumed with lots of alcohol. :-). If I remember correctly, we even played Balderdash….the dictionary name. So if in some way I contributed to this funny post…you’re welcome!!!! Love ya!

16 05 2013

Nothing about you, Kelly, has ever been dull! Thanks for the comment, though. Made me smile.

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