Lollipop Liquor

24 04 2013

I just saw another ad for (more) flavored vodkas and found myself pining for the “good old days” when there was no need for such foolishness. Professional bartenders carefully and skillfully mixed liquors, liqueurs, juices, and herbals to create drinks worthy of having an hour of the day devoted to them.

A perfectly mixed drink, served in a proper glass, carefully garnished, is a beautiful thing. The making of such magic is also a beautiful thing. (Food and) drink, well prepared from fresh and fine ingredients, is to be savored. These new flavored vodkas and their other liquor store partners are to cocktails what quarter pounders are to chateaubriand. They’re nothing more than high-test juice boxes, Kool-Aid with a kick, and, to me, that’s sad.

If we fast-food everything, we are losing the pleasure of ceremony. It’s so much more enjoyable to sit down at a well-set table with people you love than to slug down a taco from the drive-through window, so step away from the blueberry bubblegum blast vodka. Make yourself something wonderful, fresh, and just for you.

Oy, I need a drink!

(If you need some recipe help, try looking at the drink category on this website, but I warn you, this is like Pinterest for foodies.




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25 04 2013

Paula this made me smile. Just yesterday, I showed my 8th grade class a video of a Chinese Tea Ceremony and they were floored by the length of time it took to make a simple cup of tea. We compared this beautiful ceremony with American’s “need for speed” as we blast through the Starbucks drive through. Such a shame. I hope every time they look at the ceramic tea pot we are going to make, they think about what we talked about in our art class. Trying to change our mind set…one class at a time.

25 04 2013

How right you are!!!!! What ever happened to a good old scotch and soda or a PLAIN glass of wine? Also, Paula, thanks for the greast website info.

29 04 2013
Wayne Stratz

I was recently talking to someone that being creative does not have to be using art supplies. The kitchen was one of my examples. Will use bar as well.

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