Everybody’s Special

10 04 2013

Wow! This month is, according to my Facebook feed, Autism Awareness Month, Child Abuse Awareness Month, Stress Awareness Month, and about thirty-twelve other “Awareness” days of one sort or another. I am exhausted and distracted – and a little bit annoyed.

A note here: I raised a beautiful autistic and mentally retarded child who died of cancer, so I am speaking from what I believe is a hard-earned position of authority, as respects “Awareness”.

My proposal, sincere and pure, is to raise awareness every day of every month for PEOPLE – all of us – awareness of the needs we share – care, kindness, love, respect. We don’t need to be “special” to appreciate a gesture of understanding; what makes every one of us special – deserving of active awareness – is our humanity.

I am making today, and every day, my personal People Awareness Day.

You’re welcome to join me. You don’t even have to buy a bracelet.



One response

10 04 2013

Well said!!

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