In Defense of “Lunks”

3 04 2013

Okay, I’ve been sick for several days – as in stay-in-bed-and-fight-fever sick – so, lots of time with the television to keep me company and there has been a recurring commercial that just has me wishing I had the energy to throw something at the screen. It’s for the gym that prides itself on its “Judgement Free Zone” (Seriously, I copied this directly from their website, misspelling and all!), but goes on to proclaim its “No Lunks” policy. Seems the whole point of the sales pitch is that some people, specifically people who are serious about training, are not welcome.

Setting aside the fact these faux fitness folks can’t even be bothered to spellcheck their national website, there are more than a few problems with the Purple Planet People, but all of them can be rolled into one concept: they are bullies.

What else can you call it with a website that features a “Clunk a Lunk” game that apparently lets the jealous and petty, pasty and flabby feel superior by bopping a cartoon he-man on the head and ads that would have us believe people with well-developed muscles are not very bright.? Hope nobody finds out that Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the icons of extreme muscularity in bodybuilding, has an IQ of 140. Judging the muscular population pretty harshly, aren’t you Purple Planet?

I am almost sixty and am not athletic at all, but I belong to a gym where I lift little tiny weights alongside people who lift impressively heavy ones. I am not judged by them; I am encouraged by them. Being in the presence of successful people, no matter the nature of that success, raises my game, inspires me to try harder and do better for myself. How can that be a bad thing? It is all good.

When someone tries to sell you something – a product, a Planet, a plan – by denigrating a group, even if the group seems like it can take care of itself, look under the curtain! As my brilliant sister opined on a recent political dust-up, “Just because the target of a bully is not intimidated, it does not mean the behavior was not bullying.” Let’s not let the bully get away with it. Call him out every time.

As soon as I kick this fever, I am going out to lift things up and put them down.



2 responses

3 04 2013

Hope you feel better very soon!

4 04 2013
Christine Goldbeck

Feel better and then go get them! As you always do, lead by example. I will follow your lead because it is always strong and fair!

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