27 03 2013

Every once in a while – okay, a lot of times – I go off on a self-help kick that usually devolves into making a list of all the things I should be doing, what I have neglected, stuff I needed to do a long time ago; you know, the Guilt List.

I know I am not alone in this behavior, and misery loves company, so it does not take much to find support for this negative self-talk. We get so wound up in the threads of tattered promises we’ve made to ourselves that we end up mummified in the process. I was sharing my most recent diet indiscretion story with my sister, lamenting how a hot date with some homemade ice cream had completely ruined all my hard work of eating right the days prior. Her trusty and infallible Bullshit Detector lit up and she lit me up. “Why is it that you insist on punishing yourself for the “bad” things you do, but you never congratulate yourself for all the good things you do?” Damn, I hate it when she applies the kind of logic that I would immediately see as brilliantly simple and perfect advice for others to me. She is right.

Because it is much easier to beat myself up than to pat myself on the back, I won’t say I was completely cured of negative self-speak. I will say I have begun to actively consider the whole of my daily routine, not just the missteps, and to give myself some love for taking good care of me. Today, that meant something very big – getting a physical – eeew! (I rewarded myself for the blood draw with a teensy dish of ice cream.) Tomorrow, it will be less dramatic, I am sure, but I will give myself proper credit for flossing and wearing my seatbelt and not having another teensy dish of ice cream . . .



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27 03 2013
Wayne Stratz

It is that dang love others as YOU WOULD LOVE YOURSELF nonsense.

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