(No) Goooooooooaaal!!!!

6 03 2013

It seems to me, these days, “life coaches” are popping up like toadstools after a warm spring rain.  I feel like I am exhorted, at every turn, to determine what I want out of life, visualize my success,  achieve my destiny. Everywhere I look, there’s the insistent message that, for my life to work, I MUST have a plan – I need to buy the book, enroll in the e-class, sign up for the retreat, develop a map.

No, I don’t think so.

Supportive mentors are valuable, so please don’t think I am dismissing the benefit of good counsel. What gives me pause is my growing suspicion that folks are becoming more involved in setting goals and making plans than in LIVING.

I am not saying we should live like there is no tomorrow.  I am saying we should live today well and fully. It is a fine and good thing to have a mission, an overall idea of how you want to live. Just don’t let the form defeat the function.

Having something to look forward to is a wonderful feeling, but so is feeling wonderful right now, right where you are. Don’t just have a plan, have your life.




2 responses

27 03 2013
Wayne Stratz

I plan to have a goal one of these days

30 03 2013

Good advice – whew! It takes the pressure off…pressure that I put on myself. And I don’t Even know why! But I do know that I just annoy myself and need to stop. Think I’ll go pet one of “the girls” as that helps. 😉

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