Dog Star

27 02 2013

This week, I took my sixth yoga lesson. My regular instructor, Michele, is a wonderful woman, patient and encouraging, but I’ve been struggling – until this session. This time, I learned so much more than pigeon pose and warrior. This time, I learned from a master teacher.  I learned how to relax in the studio.   I learned from a dog.

I was in a gray and grumpy mood when I arrived for my lesson, so it was a happy moment when I was greeted by Michele’s beautiful dog, Skylar.  At my insistence – I was looking for an excuse not to practice because I knew it would be hard – Skylar was given permission to join us.

We began the session.  As I moved through the exercises, Skylar happily positioned and repositioned herself so I could always easily scratch her neck.  Realizing that she was going to move with me, gave me energy. It was wonderful, especially when she just laid her head down on my open palm toward the end of the session, which is as close to “downward dog” as I’m going to get.


We are not going to be good at everything we try, but it does not mean that there is no good in trying. Celebrate the little victory and let that joy lift you to the next one. If you can’t find your way, may I suggest a guide dog?



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28 02 2013

If I could have one wish, it would be to communicate with animals. I know some people think animals are not as smart as us. I often wonder if animals think we are not as smart as them.

28 02 2013

FYI, here’s the information for the wonderful yoga studio I visit.

3 03 2013
Sandra Schmitz

What an excellent post, Paula! Creativity is within all of us and we should nurture it without judgement so it doesn’t wither. (My puppy is one of my best nurturers 😉 )

30 03 2013

I often just marvel at how much Life, Love, and Fun my “girls” – as you fondly call them – bring to my life. Always in a good mood and glad to see me, they brighten any gloomy day. I agree with Sandra that they are terrific nurturers and teachers, as well. We should all “Bark less and Wag more”

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