Just Between You and Me

2 01 2013

What I am about to say is NOT a new idea. This is a quote from 1999.

You already have zero privacy. Get over it. – Scott G. McNealy CEO of Sun Microsystems Inc.

Many of my Facebook pals have recently sent a message asking me to do a keystroke-and-click dance to “keep their private posts private.”  I just laugh.  I do as they ask, but I know it is futile. Better to accept and understand that whatever is in the air is in the public air.

If you write it, speak it; or do it within range of another person, his camera, or microphone; it’s public.

How many people do you know whose cell phones are camera-less?  Right.

How many apps do you use that involve some component of the thing knowing your location?  Um-hmm.

Ever check out your neighborhood on (even the lowly) Mapquest’s aerial view?

See what I mean?

For any action or thought expressed outside our own imaginations, privacy is an illusion. Let’s just accept that and act accordingly. Who knows, it might make us behave better.




2 responses

2 01 2013
Christine Goldbeck

Better behavior in this world is a welcome sight!

5 01 2013

Paula, remember the sign “Be Nice or go Home” that we saw in the Lancaster restaurant? I know where to get one.

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