21 11 2012

On this Thanksgiving eve, I want to thank you for giving me a few minutes of your precious time to read my weekly message.

I wish you the most wonderful thank-producing experiences and relationships today and always.  There are many blessings to count, but I think counting is a waste of time, so I suggest we just go straight to the “woohoo!” part of life.


Oh, and if you like them, eat your vegetables.



4 responses

21 11 2012

Paula, I hope you and your family enjoy your Celebration!!

22 11 2012

I Absodamnlutely have SO much to be Thankful for and good friends are high on the list! We are having dinner with a new part of our family which I Really like! How lucky am I? Gonna try rutabagas for the first time….kinda scared…mmmmmm Love the sides..and the dark meat…and pecan pie. I hope you have a wonderful day, Paula.

23 11 2012

Janice, I like rutabagas, although KFL won’t go near them. Pecan pie, hmmm, I KNEW I forgot to make something! We had pumpkin pie and giingerbread with homemade lemon curd (which is the only reason to bother to make gingerbread!)

24 11 2012

I dig asparagus and I dig blessings whether counted or not counted.

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