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7 11 2012

For what it’s worth, my dear reader, I value your opinion about the things I share on this blog. Thank you for being here.

How much time do you spend – really – worrying about what others think of you?

Tell the truth.

Wow!  That’s really scary, isn’t it?

We think we are secure about who we are and we believe we have self-respect, but we can’t seem to shake off the nagging fear that others may be judging us and finding us deficient.  Whether it’s called peer pressure or keeping up with the Jonesdashians, we all feel, to one degree or another, that we might not measure up.

Here’s a question my adult self often has to ask my whiny, immature, insecure self. “Why do you care what (fill in a name of anyone you know) thinks of you?”

Most of the time, I realize I am considering the opinion of someone who should be or whose already been moved to my “not-worth-my-time” list of acquaintances. When I consciously recognize that I would not even bother to consider that person’s opinion about whether the Joker or the Riddler was the better Batman nemesis – I am able to laugh at myself for worrying about what they think about me and move on with my happy little life.

When it comes to opinions, of course, everyone has them; but not all are equally important – or valid.  Consider what you think of the holder of an opinion before you consider their opinion of you.  There are truly very few folks who are sufficiently important to make me really care what they think of me.  I owe those relationships the respect of not letting people who are not that important wield any emotional power in my life; that should be reserved for my family and my close friends.

Next time you are feeling a little insecure or sad because of what (you think) someone thinks of you, just ask yourself what you think of them. If they’re valuable in your life, you can gain from talking with them and learning why you feel bad – and how to make it better.

If they’re not valuable in your life, POOF! No problem.




2 responses

7 11 2012

Paula, very succinct and I concur on this post. (not that you were looking for my opinion or should care if you have my approval, lol)

I look forward each time my inbox dings with a new Paula post. It’s a breath of fresh air to my world.

7 11 2012

Thank you, Angela.

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