It’s Debatable

3 10 2012

It’s an important day for America. Today’s the first Presidential Debate of this election cycle. There certainly are lots of issues and lots more competing ideas about how to address them.  Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama and their teams have been working long and hard to develop good answers to the challenges we face and to the challenges they face (most important, tonight – each other.)

Since the great political strategists of our day will have been all over these issues and, I am certain, will have wonderful plans to resolve them, I would like to focus on what, to me, is NOT debatable.

Paula’s Three “No Discussion Necessary” Truths

  1. There’s no place like home.
  2. Kindness is never a bad idea.
  3. Respect is the essential element of love.

May we all remember to appreciate the wonderful opportunities we share, just because we live in America.

May we remember that being strong and being kind are not mutually exclusive.

May we show each other the respect we wish to be shown.

If we can do those things, life will be better. There’s no debating it.



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