What I Learned on my Summer Vacation

19 09 2012

I have been with the two smartest people I know – my husband and my sister – in a lovely beach house on a beautiful stretch of sand and sea with monarch butterflies in migratory flight, and brilliant sunshine for the last few days . . .

listening to them talk POLITICS.

In this situation, I am not well-informed enough to do anything other than hide behind the sofa.

My sister is as conservative as my husband is liberal.  They have been going point-counterpoint for almost a week, with neither giving ground, neither getting angry.  Both are passionate and articulate. Neither is petty or disrespectful. Neither is going to change the other’s mind.

After telling them I am uncomfortable with the political debate between two people I love deeply and asking them, before we arrived at our vacation spot, NOT to do it, I was left helpless to stop it, so I watched (from a safe distance) and I learned something amazing.

I learned that, if the two smartest people I know can disagree vehemently, yet remain friendly; argue energetically, yet maintain their senses of humor; disagree, yet truly like each other; we have very little to fear in November.  Smart people will continue to find ways to discuss important issues, make real efforts to resolve them fairly, and prevent the total destruction of civilization.

Am I ever relieved!



5 responses

19 09 2012
June Rollins

Hey Paula, great learning experience! I would have been hiding behind the sofa too, but I would have wished to be outside with the Monarchs 🙂

20 09 2012
Christine Goldbeck

Indeed! I have witnessed heated debate over policy and politics and then joined the debaters for a warm and friendly dinner. Folks like this need to show others that it is okay to disagree but it is NOT okay to go to war with those who may not see things as others do. Thanks for sharing this, Paula. Spread it upon the record.

20 09 2012
Katie Margolis

The problem is that the American people have elected some not-so-smart, less than respectful people to represent them. Hopefully they will make a good choice in November.

21 09 2012

Thanks for the good news at the end of the post. Will sleep much better this evening

22 09 2012

You’re welcome, Wayne. I do what I can.

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