It’s Easy

12 09 2012

How many times do we hear those words when we KNOW it’s not?  Well, what’s easy for one is not easy for another. It’s obvious, but, more often than not, we fail to acknowledge it.

For example, the computer is contrary, so I call my neighbor. He walks me through a series of steps, uttering words I am certain he’s making up on the spot just to taunt me, resolves the issue, and says, “See, it’s easy.” I want to reach through the phone and shake his hand for the help, then shake him until his head rattles for thinking computer stuff is easy!

How about this one?  I want to downsize a cake recipe and need to know what size baking pan to use. Oh crap!  Math! I call my sister, who says to just use some “easy” algebra to scale down the pan size – you remember                          HUH?  She rattles off the equations like I can rattle off the names of the Beatles, then tells me to use the 8” round in place of the 9×13 oblong – it’s easy.

Now, we all (except those in the NBA) know it is not easy to dunk a basketball. Of course, if we asked LeBron James about dunking, he’d probably say, “It’s easy.”  We’d never imagine he meant, “It’s easy so you should be able to do it. What’s wrong with you that you can’t even dunk a basketball? You must be worthless, defective, lazy, or just not very smart.”

Each of us has talent that shines brighter in some area than others. We are quick to acknowledge and appreciate the abilities of our friends and neighbors, but dismiss our own gifts. Remember that what is easy for you is not easy for everyone. I  can’t even hit the backboard, so I am in awe of LeBron.  I will bet, though, King James would be pretty awed by a plateful of my barbecued ribs and a slice of fresh blueberry pie.

Appreciate the talent of others and celebrate yours.  It’s easy, really.



3 responses

12 09 2012
paula lewis

That big blank space should have the formula for the area of a circle, (pi* R squared.) Apparently WordPress hates math, to!

13 09 2012
Katie Margolis

I can’t for the life of me figure out how you come up with such insightful, witty things to say week after week. I know…you’ll say “It’s easy.”

13 09 2012

Katie, I appreciate that you give your time and attention to read my weekly essays. Thanks, too, for commenting. It’s good to hear from the other side of the monitor – reassures me that I am not talking (just) to myself.

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