Living Not So Large

5 09 2012

Stop.  Anybody else out here chasing his tail?

I can’t be the only one whose calendar has been victimized by Commitment Creep.  You know, Commitment Creep – that phenomenon that fills your every waking moment with stuff to do, people to see, projects to accomplish – with ever-decreasing relation to the quality of your life.

The realization that I let this unwelcome and unproductive condition take over my schedule took its sweet time coming, but when it arrived, it was like a slap on the head, a real “D’oh” moment. Oh, how I squandered a nonrenewable and finite resource, precious time.

Seems that, in an effort not to miss anything, I’m missing a lot.  Jamming my datebook was focusing my attention on “what’s next on the agenda,” to the exclusion of being in the moment.  I decided today to stop.

Honor the commitments I have made to those who would be hurt by my request to bow out, cancel the things that won’t cause others hardship, actively refuse to add to my schedule anything that won’t make me happy to anticipate its arrival (except for dentist appointments, of course, they have to stay,) – that’s my promise to me.  Living large is too much work; I want to live well.

It feels good to stop.




3 responses

6 09 2012
Jean Van Brederode

Told ya! By the way, want to do lunch this week?

6 09 2012

it is hard to stay out of the over-booked state of being. A worthwhile effort indeed!

8 09 2012

Congrats on stopping. Margaret and I decided to skip being at the local farmers market the weekend before and after our show next weekend. Today it was nice to have a free Saturday.

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