Give a Little Bit

18 07 2012

It has been a hot and dry July. This afternoon, finally, it rained. Not a lovely, soaking, polite, gentle rain; it rained with ferocity.  Great sheets of water hit the pavement, recoiling from the hot surface, looking like rolling puffs of smoke moving down the street.  Thunder raised his voice. Wind encouraged it.

Drawn to it, I went to the front porch.  I sat down right up against the front door, ready to roll inside, should the storm grow dangerous, and then I watched. Grass changed from brown to green before my eyes. Enormous old trees waved their massive, leaf-laden branches, as if to allow the rain to reach every dusty inch. Plants that had been parched by weeks of sauna-like conditions looked like children playing in the rain, bedraggled, but happy.

We still need more rain, but those few moments of downpour – just that little bit – helped.

We are all faced with problems that have been a long time in the making, problems we do not have the resources to fix, but we can do just a little and have a positive effect.  Just because we can’t do it all is not an excuse for us not to do anything. Give a little bit.




5 responses

18 07 2012

Perfectly written!

18 07 2012
Katie Margolis

Hip, hip, hooray for Paula, who always says something pithy to make me appreciate my life. Thank you, friend.

18 07 2012

Love the poetry in motion that flows from you just as fast as the rain fell from the heavens.

18 07 2012
Erica Shaffer

Love this.

26 07 2012
June Rollins

Powerful and authentic. My heart experienced “spiritual downpour.” Thank you, Paula.

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