Thanks for the Cognitive Dissonance, Facebook

20 06 2012

Here’s a Facebook post that stopped me mid-surf:

another toxic friendship..gone..LOL..this is getting to be quite enjoyable.

First, I thought, okay, someone is cleaning their friend list and is having a good snarky giggle about it.  Then my brain slapped itself.

Toxic friendship is oxymoron.

When an interaction between two people can be described as “toxic,” it cannot be considered a friendship!  For Pete’s sake, anyone old enough to have voted in two presidential elections should know that.

Friendship is a mutual gift between people. While friendship is not without its ups and downs, it is always about finding yourself and your friend better off because of your relationship. If it brings you down, it is not a friendship. Don’t call it that. Tell yourself the truth. Don’t devalue your true friendships by granting false status to interactions/acquaintances who are, in one way or another, more trouble than they’re worth.

Friends are good for us.

Good for friends!




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