The “To Do” List Attitude

2 05 2012

The “To Do” list has been one of my constant companions.  It’s personality has changed since I announced my retirement, though.  What was formerly the stick I used to prod myself through the chores, errands, and appointments of my life has become promise, encouragement, notes of things to look forward to doing.  Instead of worrying about getting things crossed off, I feel energized by the prospect of adding to the list as more and more interesting things present themselves to me.

With the magnitude of the shift in perspective, “To Do” seems not to convey what this list means to me, so I’m changing the name.  Effective immediately, I will no longer maintain a “To Do” list.

I will have a “TA DA!!!” list.  Now, that’s more like it!



3 responses

3 05 2012

LOVE this, Paula! I personnally love to clean out closets and drawers but that is so far down on my – unfortunately still known as – “To Do” list. BUT my time is coming! Yeehaw!

3 05 2012
Laurie Kitzmiller

Thanks to you Paula, my summer will now be filled with TA DA’S!!! It is a simple change of mind,,,,but a powerful motivator! Instead of focusing on the tasks and the effort that needs to go into them, I will focus on the pleasure and satisfaction I KNOW I will feel on the the other side. Sometimes we just need to reminded each other to look at life with a different perspective. THANKS for this one Paula!!

16 05 2012
Arsonette Artworks

I will always hate my never ending lists (but LOVE the feeling of crossing off something from it!) but a ‘Ta Da’ list seems so much more optimistic than a ‘To Do’ list!

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