Sometimes, It’s the Little Things

25 04 2012

It’s commonly accepted that there are a few “big events” in a person’s life – graduation, marriage, parenthood, and, one which I am fast approaching: retirement.  When one experiences one of these “big events,” there are generally lots of “big life things” that create the appropriate combination of excitement, anticipation, trepidation, and abject terror.

I’ve been saying my farewells to colleagues of twenty-plus years, getting my office ducks in a row, reviewing my first

month of non-working schedule to-do list, but it was something that arrived this morning via interoffice system that really struck the chord – that one that resonates with the joyful truth of my impending freedom.

“Your password will expire in 14 days. Would you like to change it now?”

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!  I will be retired before my password expires!  Funny, but that little electronic reminder was more moving to me than all the other things that have been leading up to my last day.  Knowing that my password has more time left than I do makes it real.

Cue the music, this fat lady is getting ready to sing!

p.s. I am also getting my studio ready – here’s what’s just come off my easel.

Heartache - mixed media painting 12" x 16"



One response

8 05 2012
Cuzzin Tando

I waited a while, maybe you’ve already reached your milestone.
Just wanted to say how much I love reading things from my Cousin. Hardly anyone else has such a presence, or opinion, the energy to care enough to actually put the electrons on the interweb, and the creativity that is so obvious, is probably what I appreciate the most, being a fellow artist and wordsmith (and published author, don’tcha know, puff puff.)
Congrats in any case on “making it.” Now the REAL fun begins, and I say that from experience! Take heed, dear Cuz, HAVE A PURPOSE. A goal, a “life.” Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. From someone that KNOWS!!! I have the scars to prove it, hun.
Now, start workin’ that bucket list, girlfriend *snap snap* – work it like you used to work that skirt in high school!
Love ya,
Cuzzin Tando

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