Happy Art News – Yes, In THIS Economy!!!!!

18 04 2012

This week, my beloved Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, took a very big step forward for fine craft in Pennsylvania.

We bought a building!

What’s the big deal about that?  Well, first, let’s think about what this bold move says about our area: we appreciate, participate, collect, and support fine craft and art.  Now, consider what it says about the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen: we are a well-managed, fiscally solid organization.  Finally, think about what this purchase says about fine craft and the members who make it: we are worth it!

There is so much opportunity for everyone to share this extremely positive move for the arts in our state.  Join the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, donate some money and/or time, patronize our shows, and enjoy the benefits of living in such a culturally rich area.

In a few months, this will be home!

Loads more show information and membership details can be found at www.pacrafts.org.  I’m the president of the Yellow Breeches Chapter, so I’d urge you to select us as your chapter affiliation!  You can find out about our chapter at www.ybcrafts.org.

P.S. If you think you’re not “arty” enough to get involved with this, you’re wrong!  Just find out more about the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.  We’re the really nice people who live next door to you.



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